About Kamunikate

About Kamunikate



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Kamunikate was founded in 2018 in order to help businesses on and off Main Street communicate their brand through a variety of advertising channels. Our services range from branding to web design, and everything in between.


/ke myoon ekat/


1. The visual, verbal and written communication of a business or a brand to a specific audience.


About the Founder Courtney Conley

After graduating with honors from Wayne State University, Courtney has worked in a variety of industries. Her career started as an intern for American Axle & Manufacturing where she created technical sales presentation and prior to graduating college was offered a full-time marketing position. Since Courtney was born and raised by entrepreneurial parents, it was only a matter of time before she realized the corporate world was not for her, so she started her own business. Although her first solo venture was in Real Estate, Courtney was able to learn in a very competitive environment how important marketing truly is. Shortly after launching a Real Estate business, Courtney discovered there was something missing and begun working for a technical company developing websites and managing their marketing. When the company split Courtney knew it was time to start her own business . . . this is when Kamunikate was born. Connect on LinkedIn.


Why Purple?

Not only is purple awesome and Courtney's favorite color. . .purple was known in history for its rarity and therefore was worn by Kings and Queens. We chose to use purple for our branding and logo because our vision is to help our client's business' grow, so they can support their family, create a legacy and enjoy some of the finer things in life.


hand-picked workforce

Over the years we have created a collaboration of Marketers, Artists and Technology Gurus who each offer different skillsets. By using team members with specialized skillsets it allows us to create brand experiences that not only reach your target market, but are beautiful and functional.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officers

This is your marketing team member who gets to know your brand and target market inside and out. You could also call them your Brand Manager because they oversee how your brand is displayed across online and offline media to make sure it is represented correctly and aligns with the experience you're looking to create for your current and potential customers.



These are our graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and videographers who are responsible for bringing your vision to life. They are creative and have been vetted to be sure their work meets the quality standards business owners have come to know when hiring the team at Kamunikate.

Technology Guru

Technology Gurus

To create functional online brand experiences it is vital to have technology focused professionals on your side. These team members at Kamunikate, execute our website development and hosting, allowing you to rest easy in knowing your website will not only be beautiful, but functional and running 24/7.

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