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Our Process

In order to effectively amplify your brand our path to success starts with your goals and a conversation.

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#1. Meet & Greet

This is our first interaction together, where we will discuss your business goals and where Kamunikate can help you reach them.

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#2. Deep Dive

When working with new Clients, the first step in our creative process is to take a Deep Dive into getting to know your brand, business and target market.

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#3. Research

One of the most important steps in creating effective marketing is to do your research. Before proposing a solution we will conduct market research, whether that is researching hashtags for a Social Media client, colors for a logo or information architecture for a new website.

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#4. Proposal

This is the step where we will share our ideas, research, mock-ups and/or strategies for executing what we were hired to do.

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#5. Execute

This step is where we will execute any online or offline projects, including visual design, printing, posting to your social media and/or hitting the launch button on your new website.

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#6. Track

We will assist you in how to measure and track the performance of your marketing materials, so you can continue to make informed marketing decisions for your business.


hand-picked workforce

Over the years we have created a collaboration of Marketers, Artists and Technology Gurus who each offer different skillsets. By using team members with specialized skillsets it allows us to create brand experiences that not only reach your target market, but are beautiful and functional.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Brand Builders

This is your marketing team member who gets to know your brand and target market inside and out. Your Brand Builder is responsible for overseeing how your brand is displayed across digital and print media to make sure it is represented consistently and aligns with the experience you're looking to create for your current and potential customers.



These are our graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and videographers who are responsible for bringing your vision to life. They are creative and have been vetted to be sure their work meets the quality standards business owners have come to know when hiring the team at Kamu:nikāte to build their brand.

Technology Guru

Technology Gurus

To create functional digital brand experiences it is vital to have technology focused professionals on your side. These team members at Kamu:nikāte, execute our website development and hosting, allowing you to rest easy in knowing your website will not only be beautiful, but functional and running 24/7.

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