QR Codes: Dos and Don'ts

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QR Codes: Dos and Don'ts
Courtney Conley

QR Codes: Dos and Don'ts

How to use QR Codes to effectively market your business

QR Codes have been around for a while, but as we have entered into an era of less contact is more, QR Codes have gained in popularity. Not only do you see them being used on business cards or flyers, but we are seeing them in TV ads and used to direct customers to online menus at restaurants.

As we have seen their popularity grow in the last year or two, we have also seen them used in ways where they are not functional and can provide consumers with a poor user experience which can lead to frustration and impacting your brand in a negative way. To help you prevent this from happening we have compiled a list of QR Code do and do'nts.

Do use them on most print media to direct your customers to digital media for more information. Examples of this are using a QR Code on a flyer, business card or used for a contact-less menu option.

Do not use them on all forms of digital media. Examples include social media posts or email newsletters since users are typically viewing this form of media on their phone which is the device most consumers use to scan QR Codes.

Do give your users enough time to get their phones out scan the QR Code. For example if you are using a QR Code in a TV Ad or sales presentation be sure to leave it on screen long enough for consumers to scan it.

Do not use QR Codes on billboards as it leads to distracted driving and typically a user does not have enough time to scan it while they are driving past.

Do make sure your QR Code is large enough to be used in its application. If a consumer has to zoom in on the code to get their phone camera to read it, it might not work or take too much time which again leads to a poor brand experience.

Do not overly design the QR Code. We love to be creative, but when it comes to QR Codes functionality can not be sacrificed for aesthetics. Functionality is the most important part of providing a good experience for your customers when using QR Codes.

Do get creative with your QR Code application. We have used them for contests and even on promotional products like Golf Balls.

Do not forget to test your QR Code in its final use before investing a lot into printing them. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds, thousands, or millions on an advertisement that does not work the way it was intended to.

Last but not least ...

Do track your QR Code performance. Using QR Code generators or other applications to create your QR Codes, allows you to track to see if they are actually getting used. This will help you to make sure your return on investment is there.

Got any questions or need help creating marketing assets with effective QR Code implementation, contact us!

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