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Introducing . . . Kamunikate
Courtney Conley

Introducing . . . Kamunikate

How Kamunikate Came to be in 2018

Pasted on my vision board and in an amazing book recommended to me by the one & only, Sherry Swift, these words have been so important to me for the last couple years.

Married right out of college at a young age, I quickly found myself molding into something someone else wanted me to be. I was all of a sudden a wife and wanted to be a good one . . . whatever that meant. Because I felt stuck and was being forced to follow someone else's rules, I became someone I hated and made my share of mistakes too.

In September of 2016 after one of Sherry's classes I went to a Tigers game because my Mom was begging me to go. I was hanging out with these software developers and this one with a long beard (Rob Conley), said something that completely woke me up. We had been developing this friendship while working together and I opened up to him about something my husband at the time said to me and all Rob said was, "uhhh". Although what he said technically wasn't a word, the tone and the awkward silence that followed, said so much more.

This was the day I made a decision. I made the decision to stop trying to be something someone else wanted me to be and be me. After all, there is only one of me and I was put on this earth for a reason.

So, this is what Kamunikate is. It's me following my dream and finally having enough confidence to do it. Its a company dedicated to helping others tell their story in order to help them achieve what they really want.

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