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What is a Vanity URL?

Being memorable, short and easy to track, using Vanity URL's can help your business track its marketing performance.

Wondering how to drive traffic to your website? Here are 20 different ways to share your website with others.

Twenty Ways to Share Your Website

Drive traffic to your website by sharing it with others.

Wondering how to drive traffic to your website? Here are 20 different ways to share your website with others.

Karl Kares For The Earth Day

FREE e-Waste Recycling Event

Drowning in old electronics at work or at home, but not sure how to dispose of them correctly? Drop them off at our FREE e-Waste Recycling event on April 30th. There will be food, music, raffles and a big, green, Junkluggers of Mid-Michigan, truck to haul your unwanted electronics away!

Karl Kares: STEM Day Scholarship

Calling all innovators, creators and problem solvers!

Introducing the first annual Karl Kares STEM Day Scholarship. This scholarship is for local high school seniors who are here to change the world through science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. These students would call themselves or likely be called innovators, creators and problem solvers.

QR Codes: Dos and Don'ts

How to use QR Codes to effectively market your business

QR Codes have been around for a while, but as we have entered into an era of less contact is more, QR Codes have gained in popularity. Not only do you see them being used on business cards or flyers, but we are seeing them in TV ads and used to direct customers to online menus at restaurants.

10 Things to Know About Websites

What You Need To Know Before Creating a Website For Your Business

Creating a website is essential to the success of any business these days. In fact many consumers will decide whether or not to purchase a service or product based on a business' online presence. The question in web is not, "do I need a website", but rather, how would I like my customers to experience my business online. If your a business owner and currently facing these questions, keep reading to learn the basics of what a website is, how it works and how it can can be used to grow your business.

Product Placement

Although you might not be a Fortune 500 company, with the marketing budget to place your product in a movie, there are other ways small business' can subliminally promote their products.


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