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Website Design and Development Process
Courtney Conley

Website Design and Development Process

Get a sneak peak of on of our processes

A website is a vital marketing tool for any business and should be built with thought and a plan. In order to make sure it doesn't turn into an 8-Month-Long-Process, here is a sneak peek at our NEW process from start to finish. 




#1. Start A Project: Whether you are a new or existing client with Kamunikate, the first place you go to start any project is From there you will be directed to either the New Client process or the Existing Client Process. The difference of the two is simply whether or not you will skip step #2 in this process.

#2. Branding Questionnaire: The Branding Questionnaire is only for New Kamunikate Clients. This questionnaire was designed for us to get to know each other a little better. It asks questions like, name 3 things you like about your brand or name 3 things you hate about your brand. It also helps us understand what your expectations are in the process, in order to provide you with the best possible service.

#3. Zoom Call: Once I receive notification of your request to build a new website, I will reach out to schedule a Zoom call. During the video call we will discuss things like what your website goals are, what you need, what you want, what your budget is and what type of functionality are you looking for. We will also discuss the possible pages you would like on your site and the overall look and feel you'd like to achieve.

#4. Quote & Sign-Off: After the Zoom call I will create a quote for the website. Since every website we design is specifically for each Client, each quote tends to be a little bit different than the last. Once everything looks good to you, your signature and a deposit is required to begin building the website.

#5. Site-Map & Website Foundations Worksheet: In order to build an effective website with a quality User Experience, this stage is very important. This is when the foundation of your website is formed. With your direction and my expertise we will create a detailed site-map for your website. During this time you will also begin gathering and writing the content you would like to display on the website. You will have at least a couple of weeks to work on this.

#6. Wireframes & Mock-Up's: This is the time where I begin to get creative. By now, I know your target audience, your brand and what functionality needs to be implemented. I will start this process first by wireframing the page flow in mobile. Since most website's are viewed on a mobile device, it is important the website tells a clear story to your audience in mobile. Once a nice layout is achieved, I will begin to mock-up the Home, Company Info, Contact, and other standard pages crucial to your site. Once completed (this typically takes 2-4 weeks) I will present to you in .pdf form via a Zoom call. During this meeting we will review you thoughts regarding the design and if any major changes need to be made. If so, we will do 1 quick revision prior to moving on in the process.

#7. Photography: Good photography is crucial to the visual appearance and overall User Experience on every website. It is not just important to have high-resolution photos, but photos who's composition works with the design of the website and colors match the overall look and feel of the website. With your website purchase you have access to thousands of stock photography to choose from or we can plan a custom photo shoot for the website with one of our photography partners or photographer of your choice. 

#8. Development of Home, Contact Us, Header, Footer & Sign-Off: This is where the magic begins to happen and your website begins to take life on the big screen (or many screens I should say). First I will begin my developing your Home page, Contact page, website header and footer. These items set the stage for the overall look and feel of your website. It is vital we get these right from the start, so feel free to begin sharing your website privately with your family and friends to get their feedback.  

#9. Development of Inside Pages & Sign-Off: This is when the meat of your website begins to take shape. If your website is fairly small this is when we will finish your website prior to sending it back to you for one more review. If you have a larger website, we will send you groups of pages to sign-off at a time. Keep in mind during the development stage we are continuously testing for browser compatibility and checking to make sure it looks great on all types of mobile devices.

#11. Launch Website: It's go time. Your website is now complete and we are doing some back-end work to make the website live. Once your website is live, we will notify you, so you can be the first to check it out!

#12. Add to Search Engine's: Once your site is live, Google and other search engines are able to crawl your website. I will submit to Google and within a week or so it will appear in the search results.

#13. Show Off Your Website & Blast On Social Media: Now that your website is live its time to share, share, share! 


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