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NEW Google My Business Features
Courtney Conley

NEW Google My Business Features

Custom URL / Vanity URL's

For the business owners out there who utilize Google My Business, a new feature has been released in order to allow you to more easily share your profile.

Google is now allowing users to create a vanity url or as some my know it as a "handle," like in Instagram or Facebook.

For example, once created you can share your page and request reviews via a shorter link. See example below.[yourcustomname][yourcustomname]/review/

The real benefit of utilizing this is for marketing ... because no one, and I mean no one, likes to see a long url on their business' marketing pieces. Especially on your business cards.

Once available for my profile, you will be able to find me . . .
here ➡️ instead of
here ➡️

Click Here for directions on how to add this new feature to your profile.

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