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Product Placement
Courtney Conley

Product Placement

Product placement begin in the 1920's when the movie "Wings" spotlighted the characters eating Hershey's Chocolate Bars. In the 1960's Aston Martin first partnered with the makers of James Bond and because of the success of this partnership, the character and the automotive company are now completely intertwined. We also see this, more recently, in the Transformers movies with the character Bumblebee and the Chevrolet Camaro. Easily Bumblebee could have been a yellow & black Ford Mustang, but General Motors decided to take the plunge. Due to this partnership, sales and brand awareness for the newly launched car, sky rocketed.

As a small business you, most likely do not have the budget to place your product or mention your service in the movies or in a television series, but Product Placement could be done in a variety of other ways. For instance you may be in the business of selling real estate title insurance and your main source of leads come from your Real Estate partnerships. If this is the case, partnering with Realtors or Real Estate offices to promote your product seems worthwhile. A few product placement options for you could be. . .

  • Branded Pens - Signing documents are an integral part of the real estate closing process and are used quite often by Realtors and their Clients.
  • Coffee Mugs - To enhance the customer service experience, coffee is often offered to clients, plus Realtors drink a lot of coffee.
  • Social Media Partnerships - Look for a top influencers in your area and connect with them. Partner with them to feature your product or service on their page. This expands your potential reach to all of their followers, who may be looking to buy or sell a new home.

The possibilities of Product Placement are virtually endless, especially due to the digital age we live in. What creates a real return on investment for Product Placement is the strategy behind it and the consistency in which it is used. If you are a business owner and would like to explore Product Placement for your business, contact us today. We will learn your business, find potential Product Placement opportunities and help you to execute the chosen strategy.

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